Elk Hair Caddis Yellow



The Elk Hair Caddis, a time-tested classic, continues to establish its reputation as an exceptional caddis imitation and an all-around attractor pattern for dry fly enthusiasts. Renowned for its lively presentation, this heavily hackled bug skitters and floats on the water with unparalleled grace, making it a trusted go-to pattern for countless anglers.

In this variant, we've curated a distinctive all-yellow color scheme that proves highly effective for caddis, mayflies, yellow sallies, and a myriad of other insects found on the water. The combination of yellow and lighter tones creates a delicate silhouette when viewed from beneath, making it irresistibly enticing to discerning trout.

Whether you're targeting specific hatches or casting a line into diverse waters, this Elk Hair Caddis variant is designed to deliver results.

Hook sizes 14 and 16 available.