Beginner Fly Assortment



Our beginner fly fishing flies assortment is created for the person who is just getting into fly fishing! It features the best flies that are the easiest to use and most likely to be productive on most waters. These are classic patterns that catch fish!

Our beginner's starter fly set features a wide variety of nymphs which are your bread and butter flies for starting out. We've also included some high riding dry flies plus some intro streamer patterns. And let's face it, even experienced anglers still throw a worm, or egg pattern, out there on a slow day and when you start out, catching fish on these patterns with a fly rod can be one of the greatest feelings. So of course, there are a few of those in there.

This beginner's box is geared to learning to fish basic rigs, single dry, nymph and double nymph rigs and basic streamers. We tailor this box to be a great go-to for these setups. We are happy to help with any questions that you, or your gift recipient may have!

If you really prefer certain styles/patterns in the beginner's kit, please send me a message and I will be happy to throw a few extra of those in there.

Either way, this trout fishing assortment will not disappoint. It is a great way to bulk up your fly fishing box without breaking the bank. It also takes a lot of the guess work out of it. This is an excellent gift choice for the beginner fly fisherman!

Please select the quantity of the flies that you would like in the option box before checkout. Starts at one dozen flies and goes up to 100.

This listing includes mostly::

Hares Ear Nymphs
Prince Nymphs
San Juan Worms and other worm patterns
Pheasant Tail Nymphs
Egg Patterns
Parachute Adams
Royal Wulffs
Elk Hair Caddis/Stimulators
Wooly Buggers
Bunny Leeches
& Others caddis nymphs etc..,

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